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Did you knowingly provide false or fabricated information when filing personal or business bankruptcy in Maryland? If so, you are facing very serious criminal charges that can ultimately result in you facing jail time, probation, fines and other penalties. You need the help of an experience Maryland bankruptcy fraud attorney handling bankruptcy charges.

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Maryland Bankruptcy Fraud Laws

It is illegal to provide incorrect information when filing bankruptcy in MD. This holds true whether you are filing a Chapter 7, Chapter 13 or a Chapter 11. There are a few different criminal charges that can arise out of a bankruptcy filing if you knowingly make a false statement on a bankruptcy filing, you can be accused of bankruptcy fraud.

Under current federal and state laws is a separate crime to:

  1. Conceal assets from the bankruptcy court or bankruptcy trustee
  2. Lie about other issues related to bankruptcy filing
  3. Any attempt to withhold asset, and debt, information can leave you facing serious criminal charges

Hiding or burying asset information so that they will not be distributed to your creditors as a part of the bankruptcy plan can land you in jail and jeopardize your life on many levels including legal, administrative, financial and professional.

Bankruptcy fraud is not a very common offense but it does happen. In all bankruptcy fraud cases, the person who is accused of the crime was working closely with a lawyer to prepare his or her bankruptcy filings. In most situations the bankruptcy lawyer advises his client what they can and can’t do with their assets when they’ve filed for bankruptcy. This has to with bankruptcy exemptions. The defense in a bankruptcy fraud case, for that reason, often starts with a look at the attorney who helped the person accused of a crime with his or her bankruptcy case to see if that can provide a defense.

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