Child Endangerment Lawyer MD

In Maryland, and other states, the judges, courts and entire legal system take getting a DUI with a child in the car very seriously. It is considered a Felony DUI in MD and will impact your life for years to come. Even if it is your first DUI, if you have a child in the car you are automatically ineligible for Maryland First Offender Program. Prosecutors will typically seek much harsher penalties i.e. longer prison sentences in a DUI/Child Endangerment case.

If you have been arrested and charged with DUI while having a child in the car in it is in your best interest to retain a qualified Annapolis, Maryland Felony DUI Lawyer.

Penalties of A DUI With Child in the Car In Maryland

A DUI with a child in the car is one of the most serious types of DUI’s you can be charged with in Maryland. Consequences and penalties include extended loss of driving privileges, extended jail or prison terms, fines, fees and court costs. If you are facing a DUI while having a minor in the car it is imperative that you consult with a Maryland Felony DUI Lawyer to protect your rights, your driving privileges and your reputation.

How Our Maryland DUI Lawyers Can Help

In many cases of DUI with a child in the car you need someone in your corner fighting on your behalf. You need a tenacious attorney who can convey to the judge and prosecutor that you are not a criminal. You need an attorney who can make them understand that you are a good person who made a mistake during a moment of indiscretion. An experienced Maryland DUI Attorney will take the time to get to know you, your background as well as your case in a matter as serious as this.

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