Heroin Charge Lawyers Maryland

The state of Delaware & Maryland have very strict and extremely serious legal penalties for those arrested for possession of heroin, sale of heroin and heroin trafficking. Being charged with, and convicted of, drug crimes in Delaware is an extremely seriousĀ  matter and you should treat it as such.

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Heroin Possession, Sale And Trafficking Laws In Maryland

Maryland Heroin Possession Laws- In Delaware & Maryland possession, use and consumption of heroin is a Class A misdemeanor. You may qualify for First Offenders Controlled Substances Diversion Program.

MD Laws Regarding Heroin Sale

The sale of heroin throughout Delaware & MD is a Class C felony that carries with it fines and prison sentences. Circumstances such as who you sold it to, who you purchased it from, was it a subsequent offense, your criminal history and the age of the person you sold it to will determine the amount of fines and prison term you may be facing per Delaware law. In addition, if you were on or near school property at the time you were arrested your penalties may be even more severe.

Delaware Heroin Trafficking Laws-

If you are caught with more than 2.5 grams your charge will be considered a Class B felony. The amount of drug you were caught with will ultimately determine the amounts of your fines and minimum prison sentences.

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